Hida Furukawa Festival Exhibition Hall

A Place Where the Breath of Festival Lives Is Felt

Men clad in sarashi white cloth compete bravely throughout the town, while elaborately decorated yatai floats are paraded around as if a magnificent historical picture scroll unfolded.

The Furukawa Festival offers two contrasting atmospheres: dynamic and tranquil. Driven by a desire to make as many people as possible discover the joy of this festival, the Hida Furukawa Festival Exhibition Hall was created.

Here, visitors can experience the culture that has been developed along with the festival by the participants, those who support and look after them, and all other people living in Furukawa.

You should join in the festival inside this building.

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The Dynamic Okoshi-Daiko

In the Okoshi-Daiko (rousing drum), half-naked men clad in sarashi white cloth carry around a frame-mounted turret on which a large drum is perched, shouting out and making the rounds of Hida’s Furukawa town.

The stars of this event are the men beating the large drum on the turret. The role of drum beater is a once-in-a-lifetime honor and what every shrine parishioner yearns for. The event kicks off with several hundred men singing a celebratory song in chorus. Immediately after that, a fierce offensive and defensive battle begins surrounding the Okoshi-Daiko, and the festival heats up at once.

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The Tranquil Yatai Parade

The yatai floats of the Furukawa Festival are acclaimed as the height of Hida craftsmanship.

Its beauty has resulted from the perfect fusion of the cultures of Eastern and Western Japan. The yatai brought in from Edo were enhanced by the highly skilled craftsmen of Hida, and with the addition of karakuri ningyo (mechanical marionettes) from Kyoto evolved into a distinctive form of art centered on elaborately decorated yatai floats.

The way the yatai floats are paraded around is as if a historical picture scroll unfolded. In the Yomatsuri event held after nightfall, each float is paraded with its paper lanterns lit, creating an ambience of quiet and elegant beauty in contrast to its daytime liveliness.

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Those who participate in the Furukawa Festival, those who support them, those who watch them…

In the town of Furukawa, there are people who carry on the tradition of the festival in their respective roles and positions.

With the help of matsuribito or festival lovers, this journal introduces the Furukawa Festival and the charm of the culture created through the festival.

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